Crystal Palace FC



Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan wanted to help the local Police in a community project and along with Palace legend Mark Bright had played in Soccer Six. A call to CUP followed from Mark and the Palace Legends v Cup Stars Game of History began to take shape. Another strong CUP squad was assembled with celebrities  The Hoosiers, DJ Spoony, Ralf Little , Gordon Smart, Ant Genn, Tamer Hassan, Danny Dyer, Geoff Bell with ex pros Chris Armstrong, Dean Holdsworth & Neville Southall. They were to need it as a huge squad of Palace legends were waiting for them at Selhurst ParkChris Coleman, Dougie Freedman & Clinton Morrison starred. Palace Legend Alan Pardew & CUPs’ Dean Holdsworth scored goals of the season volleys while more CUP goals from Chris Armstrong & star player Gordon Smart helped them hold on for a 3-3 draw. As it was Tamer Hassans birthday the traditional post match CUP  shenanigans were especially lively, continuing across the River into East London at The Tower Bridge Hotel and into the early hours.

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